October Activities at a Glance


Let's Get Moving!


Get loose and gain strength and mobility practicing something that's over 6000 years old. Join Melissa Crook to guide through the movements.


When: Mondays @ 10am – Meet in the Front Lobby




Afternoon Bible Study - New Group


Come spend a little time getting to know your neighbors with Coffee and Conversation!


When: Mondays @ 1:45 p.m. - Palmetto Theatre




   Free Hand Massages with Messcina


What's better than a free hand massage? Not MUCH! Homestead Hospice has been gracious enoughto offer their talented masseuse to rub out the aches and pains. Messcina offers 15-minute hand massages free of charge. Hand massage offers many healthy benefits, such as improved finger and wrist range of motion, enhanced circulation and reduction of your trigger points. Make sure you sign for a time in the book!

When: 3rd Monday of each month from 2pm-5pm – Hemingway Lounge



  Hymn Singing with Amber- NEW EVENT!!


Join Amber in singing Hymns after Bible study. Sing along or just listen, it will be a beautiful time!


When: Mondays  @ 3:00pm - Palmetto Theatre



   Labor Day Cook Out 


Join us for yummy food and good friends at our Labor Day Cookout as we celebrate the social and economic achievements of the American work force.

When: Monday, September 2rd  @ 11:30am  – Lake View Dining Room 



   Making Fall Themed Jars with Julia 


With fall just around the corner, what better way to start it off than by making fall themed decorations! If you love fall like I do then this will be an exciting project to start us off!

When: Tuesday, September 3rd  @ 11:000am  – Art Studio 




  National Cheese Pizza Day


Who doesn't love pizza? N'uff said. Join us for a Pizza Party.

When: Thursday, September 5th @ 4:30pm –  Hemingway Lounge



  Grand Parents Day Breakfast 


Join us as we honor all Grandparent’s for National Grandparent’s Day! Invite the family, the more the merrier!

When: Sunday, September 8th  @ 7:30am – Lake View Dining Room



  New Resident Meet and Greet 


WCome meet your new neighbors at our new resident meet and greet!

When: Monday, September 9th   @ 3:30 p.m. Lake View Dining rrom 



     Encompass Health Presentation


This will be a wonderful, informative presentation on “Fall Prevention”.

When: Wednesday, September 11th @ 3:30am – Lake View Dining Room 



     Resident Activity Meeting


Be there to give us your input on what activites you like and what activities you would like to have.

When: Thursday, September 12th @ 2:00pm – Lake View Dining Room 



     Wine and Cheese Social


Sophisticated Palate? Join us for an array of delicious wine and cheese samplings!

When: Monday, September 16th @ 5:00pm – Lake View Dining Room 


     Canvas and Coffee at Painting with a Twist!


Let out your inner artist at Painting with a Twist! This class is great even for beginners! They go step by step. This is going to be such a fun time. Coffee and Danish will be provided. Cost: $30 a seat. Sign up sheet in HL!

When: Wednesday, September 18th @ 11:00am – ASK


     Flu Shots


Riley's Drug Store will be providing flu shots

When: Thursday, September 19th @ All day – Hemingway Lounge



     Resident Meeting


Open discussion on what's going and what you may need. 

When: Thursday, September 19th @ 2:00pm – Lake View Dining Room



     Watercolor Canvas Painting with Juila


We will be enjoying the gorgeous medium of watercolor. Even if you’re not a painter letting out your creative side can be so much fun! Signup sheet in HL.

When: Thursday, September 19th @ 3:30pm – Art Studio



     National Ice Cream Cone Day 


Do you love a good, old fashioned ice cream cone? Me too! The perfect day to have one is National Ice Cream Cone Day!

When: Sunday, September 22nd @ 1:00pm – Hemingway Lounge 



     TVSL Men's Breakfast 


Today is the second gathering of our Men’s Breakfast.  We encourage you men folk to grab a male neighbor and come to the Theater for a scrumptious breakfast, prepared just for you!

When: Tuesday, September 24th @ 7:30am – Palmetto Theatre 


     Resident Dietary Meeting 


Tips and helpful hints for a healthy a lifestyle. 

When: Tuesday, September 24th @ 3:00pm – Lake View Dining Room 


     Encompass Blood Pressure Clinic 


It’s always wise to look after your health. Checking your blood pressure is a good practice to have and Encompass is making that even more simple by coming to you!

When: Wednesday, September 25th @ 3:00pm – Lake View Dining Room 




     Jolly Rock Making with Julia 


Do you enjoy putting positivity out into the world? I do, and jolly rocks can be the perfect way to do that! We will make our jolly rocks with a positive message, bible verse, or anything you want! And then we will hide them all over for others to find and have their day brightened! Signup sheet in HL.

When: Wednesday, September 25th @ 3:30pm – Art Studio 


     Afternoon Tea Social 


Put on a beautiful hat, leave your cares behing and join us for a tea party!

When: Thursday, September 26th @ 2:45pm – Palmetto Theatre 


     Shopping with the Sassy Ladies 


Come See what the Lassies have in store for you this time.

When: Friday, September 27th @ 11:00pm – Hemingway Lounge 




     Fruit Social 


Who wants to get their fruit on?

When: Monday, September 30th @ 1:30pm – Hemingway Lounge 




Dear Residents,

Here we are at number five of our Good People Getting Scammed newsletter article series. After the four previous articles we hope you are feeling better informed of the pitfalls of robocalls and sweepstake scams.  By now you may have even had an opportunity to practice hanging up without speaking a single word! 

This month we are learning about “Grandparent” Scams.

There are several variations of this scam.   In the most common version, the victim will receive a call from someone claiming to be their grandson, saying he has been in an accident.  The caller will instruct the victim to purchase iTunes gift cards to allegedly pay for medical treatment or property damage.  After purchasing the iTunes card, the victim will be asked to read the numbers on the back of the cards to the person on the phone.  This allows the scammer to steal the funds off the card. 

In another version, the victim will receive a call from someone claiming to be their grandson with news that they have been arrested, usually outside the United States. They will say they need money for bail, or an appearance bond and/or additional money to pay a fine for negligence. 

In yet a third version, instead of the “grandchild” making the phone call, the con artist will pretend to be an arresting police officer, a lawyer or doctor.  It is common for the con artist impersonating the grandchild to talk briefly with the victim and then hand the phone over to an accomplice impersonating an authority figure. Because the exchange with the alleged grandchild is so brief, it will be difficult for the victim to recognize that the voice on the phone does not belong to their grandchild.   

Although the grandparent scam is frightening, do not fall for it.  Please hang up the phone and contact a family member who can help alleviate any concerns of your grandchildren’s well-being.

Resources for Grandparent Scams include:

Local/State Attorney General Office

FTC Consumer Response Center 1-877-382-4357 –

  1. Music and Entertainment


Lecture Time with John Miles- Must See Islands of SC

Our favorite world traveling historian is back! Come and join us as we discover the histories mysteries! 

When: Thursday, September 19th @ 1:00 p.m. in the Palmetto Theatre

  Live Music

Piano Tunes with Charlie (Del Winston's Grandson)

Listen to a wonderful performance as Charlie tickles the ivories.

When: Saturday, September 7th @ 11:00 a.m. in the Hemingway Lounge

LIVE Entertainment with No Holds Barred

Enjoy the music stylings of No Holds Barred live!

When:  Saturday,  September 14th @ 12:00 p.m.  Hemmingway Lounge

LIve Entertainmentent with Jordan Turner 

Listen as Jordon soothes and calms with the beautiful musical stylings of her harp!

When: Tuesday,  September 24th @ 6:00 p.m. in the Hemingway Lounge

Live Entertainment with Michael Schull 

Enjoy the beautiful melodies while Dione tickles the ivories!  

When: Saturday, September 27th @ 6:30 p.m. in the Hemingway Lounge

    Out and About

     Food and Friends

Trip to Zoo in Honor of Natoinal Wildlife Day 

For animal lovers National Wildlife Day is a day that we hold close to our hearts. A trip to the zoo is the perfect outing to observe all of the beautiful creatures that we don’t see every day. Signup sheet in HL.

When: Wednesday, September 4th @ 10:00am – Meet in the Front Lobby

Lunch Bunch 

This weeks Lunch Bunch will be to the Root Cellar. Tons of options with a Southern flair! Sign-up sheet in HL.

When: Friday, September 13th @ 11:30am – Meet in the Front Lobby

Dinner at Alodia's 

It was so good that we are going back! Join us for delicious Italian cuisine at Alodia’s! Sign up sheet in HL.

When: Monday, September 16th @ 5:00pm – Meet in the Front Lobby

Trip to Regal Cinemas 

Movie to be announced as the date gets closer! Sign up sheet in HL. Please bring enough for movie and any snacks or drinks.

When: Monday, September 23rd @ 11:00am – Meet in the Front Lobby

Reading at Lake Murray Child Devolopment Center

Want to go on a reading adventure?  Well, that you can do!  We will be going to LMCDC to spend some time reading to the little folks!  Bring a book; or choose one of theirs

When: Thursday, September 26th @ 9:00am – Meet in the Front Lobby

Lunch Bunch Child 

This week’s Lunch Bunch will be to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. They have a vast menu with so many different choices for everyone! Signup sheet in HL.

When: Thursday, September 26th @ 9:00am – Meet in the Front Lobby